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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

From Perfect To This!

Pouring rain in Germany and meant to last until Sunday. Oh well, such is life. At least I'm avoiding the heat wave in Athens were the temps will hit 41c (105f) for the next few days...

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Most Perfect Day

Sunday was by far the most perfect day from my recent memory.
The afternoon and evening spent on BIL's boat, swimming and watching an amazing sunset.

Now isn't that gorgeous? Then came the moon, the super moon.

The evening ended at a cafe for a late dinner, perfect...

Tomorrow I'm off to Germany for a week of frolic with my childhood girlfriend.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

Life's A Beach

Yes it really is, at least for us, right now.

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Sunday, August 03, 2014

The First Day

We have safely arrived in Greece. As always, Air Canada did not disappoint in their awfulness, that's a word right? They really are a awful, but choices on a direct flight are limited. There is awful and then there is more awful, aka Air Transat. Hubby likes direct flights otherwise we would have better options. That's the way it goes.

Our first day was spent doing the usual domestic stuff, cleaning and organizing the apartment, after all it is empty 10 months of the year, getting some groceries and just generally getting over jet lag.

Today though, we went out on BIL's boat for some swimming. It was a little rough out on the sea and for the first time ever I got sea sick and we came back early. I have never been sick before so I hope there is no repeat or he won't take us out again.

The view from our apartment, you can just see the water.

A day on the sea on my brother-in-law's boat.

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Location:Efxeinou Pontou,Glifadha,Greece

Sunday, July 27, 2014

As The Kiddies Say, Four More Sleeps

Pandemonium reigns at the moment. There are suitcases and clothes on every available surface waiting to be packed. I'm procrastinating and panicking. Electronics, wires, charges and various other accruements are lying around everywhere.

I hope I get this all topo getter by Wednesday night.

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Sunday, July 06, 2014

It's Almost Time

We are less than a month away from our annual trip to Greece and Germany and I am in panic mode. After waiting four years on "wonder " surgeon's wait list for forefoot reconstruction surgery I got a call. There was a May 1 cancellation, did I want it. Of course I did, no question about it and the deed was done. I had joints removed from three toes plus some nerves work. I spent he first twelve day being permitted to walk five minute an hour. Then four more weeks of roughly ten minutes per hour with wires sticking out of three toes.

Had I known how difficult the recovery would be I'm not sure I would have tone through with it. The older you are the harder it is to recover and having rheumatoid arthritis and fybro just adds a mess to the mix.

So two months later, the toes are pretty but they are not quite functional yet.  I still can't put full weight on the foot and with less than a month to go I am getting worried.. Nevertheless we are committed to going, tickets bought and I must go to Germany to see my gravely ill uncle, probably for the last time. A short road trip through the Pfalz region and to France are also planned with my childhood friend Petra. She will then return to Greece with me for two weeks of fun and sun and a trip to an island just the two of us, probably Sifnos.

In September my son and family arrive. It is the start of their one year sabbatical from teaching and they will travel some of the world. We will miss them as a year is a long time to be away, especially our granddaughter Elliotte.

So that's the plan. As always I will be taking a ton of pictures and write about my adventures and misadventures...ciao

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ice Storm

We survived just about the worst ice storm I've seen in all my years living in Canada. We made it through 48 hours without electricity and heat and live to tell the tale.  Not quite that dramatic, I exaggerate maybe just a little, but it was bad.

The storm started in earnest early Saturday and we did get out and get a few groceries. Should have known better, most of the stuff ended up spoiled and in the garbage today. The power went out about 1:00 am Sunday morning and stayed out for 48 hours. All through that night we heard trees crashing every few minutes. There was a crackle warning and then the crash. Our neighbors backyard looks like a war zone. Sleep  was not possible that night and Sunday morning found us both bleary eyed, cold and wishing for coffee. All restaurants and coffee shops in the hood were closed. There were over half million households without power in the Toronto area.

  Good neighbor to the rescue. She has a gas stove came by with a kettle of boiling water so I could brew some coffee. As the temperature in the house dropped we started piling on the wool sweaters and socks. By noon the temperature had dropped to 18C in the house and we were getting a little hungry. Again I sent Steve next door with some eggs and he came back with nice hot scrambled eggs.

I found every candle in the house and set them up in mason jars. Every big tower candle left over from my mom's stash was put to use. Altogether we had about a dozen candles burning. By 6 pm it was time for dinner. Every restaurant in the area was closed so we made do with a stew I had cooked a couple of days earlier. Again, wonderful neighbor came to our aid to warm up dinner.

After dinner we played Sequence until it got so cold we went to bed. Lots and lots of feather duvets and wool blankets made for a reasonably comfortable night. The worst part was the freezing toilet seat and only a woman would understand that.

Morning brought this...

And that was Monday morning...

We spent the day at the mall where it was warm and I think half the city was at our little shopping center. Steve stood in line for 1 1/2 hour to get us some food while I scoured the food court for a place to sit. Throughout all of this I am struggling with my back. It is in spasm and on Wednesday before the storm I got some cortisone injections and it felt somewhat better. Now after all the stress and cold, I'm back to square one and it hurts like the dickens.

By Sunday night we bailed. The temperature in the house was 10C and it became unbearable. We went to a friends house, who also didn't have power but had a gas stove in the kitchen and leaving the burners on low gave us warmth. We played Sequence by candlelight and we planned to spend the night.

We got lucky, at 11 pm or so I received a text from a friend who lives a couple of blocks from us to tell us we had power. I don't think I've ever been so happy in my life. We packed up our stuff and headed home.  I cranked the furnace up just in case we lost power again and we did have some blips throughout the night but it held and we're good for now. There is still some danger as the weather has gotten really cold and trees that are hanging heavy with ice could still crack and take out hydro lines.

The tree hanging on our hydro line out front is still there, no one has come by to clean it up yet. It is impossible to get through to any emergency services right now. We are hoping for the best, my turkey is defrosted, and we just did a grocery run to replace everything that was spoiled.

Here's wishing every one a blessed, warm and safe Christmas...ciao