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Thursday, September 12, 2013


They say the eyes are the window to the soul. If this is true then it is difficult to see my soul any more.  See the before below.

One of the things I inherited from my late mother are super droopy eyelids. They have become so droopy that most of the time I look tired even when I’m not and they inhibit my night vision somewhat.  I have always hoped to be able to fix them.

Some time ago before my trip to Greece, I happened to come across an article in Spiegel, a German news magazine that I read daily. It was about a plastic surgeon who trained in Beverly Hills and London and came back to Greece at the height of the recession to open a medical clinic. He was highly praised and it was reported that prices had dropped forty percent for cosmetic surgery in Greece.

After doing some research and finding prices both in Canada and the US I contacted the clinic and booked an appointment. Just one look atp Dr. Athanasios of the Athens Beverly Hills Medical Grou inspired confidence that he would do his best for me. His price for the procedure is well within my budget and tomorrow is the day. This is my 65th birthday present from me to me.

I remember reading in some romance novel, when I was young and still reading them, about looking into someone’s eyes and getting lost in them. Well now I know what they meant, Dr. Athanasios has the most brilliant blue eyes I have ever seen in all my 65 years and yes, I could get lost in them. Good thing I love my husband.

I will post this as soon as I get working internet again and will keep you updated on my progress. I expect this to go well…

Okay, so it's over. I couldn't post last night because of the obvious lack of internet but today is another day. I can see, my eyes are swollen, I have a ton of stitches and I'm happy. The private hospital treated me very well compared to Canada and the good doctor was just as charming and kind today as on previous visits. 

I will post after pictures as soon as I'm healed enough...ciao


Blogger Cordell Legaspi said...

Though most people deem eyelid surgeries are only to address aesthetic concerns, there are those that needed this for their health and general well-being. Now, seeing how you benefitted from this procedure is a great thing. You were greatly satisfied with the result and is, indeed, looking good. Congratulations!
Cordell @ Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center

12:21 PM  
Blogger Rositta said...

Thank you for your comments. It's now just over two months since this surgery and I am very happy. Whatever drooping is left can only be corrected with a forehead lift and I'm not going there. Plastic surgery is not my thing really, I just wanted better vision.

1:27 PM  

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