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Sunday, August 03, 2014

The First Day

We have safely arrived in Greece. As always, Air Canada did not disappoint in their awfulness, that's a word right? They really are a awful, but choices on a direct flight are limited. There is awful and then there is more awful, aka Air Transat. Hubby likes direct flights otherwise we would have better options. That's the way it goes.

Our first day was spent doing the usual domestic stuff, cleaning and organizing the apartment, after all it is empty 10 months of the year, getting some groceries and just generally getting over jet lag.

Today though, we went out on BIL's boat for some swimming. It was a little rough out on the sea and for the first time ever I got sea sick and we came back early. I have never been sick before so I hope there is no repeat or he won't take us out again.

The view from our apartment, you can just see the water.

A day on the sea on my brother-in-law's boat.

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Location:Efxeinou Pontou,Glifadha,Greece


Blogger Madeline Palmer said...

Lovely view :) enjoy that sun rositta. Maddie xo

6:34 AM  

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